I would like to send my bitcoins of localbitcoins.net to my Ledger nano x -wallet. However, I cannot get the bictoin address so I cannot receive the funds, since the button to receive the funds is gray in Figure 1: Ledger live app controlling the Ledger in Android. Please, see Ledger Getting Started article about Receive crypto assets. It says that there should be "transact tab" in the application, but I cannot find such a tab. I only see "Transfer" -tab but there "Send" and "Receive" are gray so they cannot be clicked and are not accessible in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Transfer tab but Receive is not accessible

enter image description here

I could not get the address for receiving bitcoins (like described in the video here for sending bitcoins from localbitcoins to your wallet) so I cannot send bitcoins to my Ledger.

How can you receive bitcoins with Ledger live in Ledger live x?

Phone: Oneplus 6T, OS newest
App of Ledger Live: newest

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