I have tried to find this everywhere on Huobi, but somehow its not listed anywhere on their Website.

So for those of you who are new to margin trading. basically it is taking a loan from an exchange such as Huobi or Kraken. Now lets say I loan 2 Bitcoins on 01.06.2019 - there are limitations on how long I can keep the loan before the exchange closes my position of 2 bitcoins.

I know from Kraken, that the margin trading limit is 360 days, as I have asked customer service. That would mean if I loaned 2 BTC at the mentioned date, I could hold them until 31.05.2020, as long as price doesnt drop to a certain point (margin call, liquidation you know what i mean etc.). Somehow when I ask Huobi Customer Service, they have no clue to what I mean.

I assume Huobi would not be completely different to Kraken, having said that I would expect at least 3 Months..

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