Configuring Bitcoin 0.18 node in a brand new Whonix VM on latest Qubes R4.0.

Trying to make Bitcoin create a hidden tor service following method 1 here.

Also followed what was applicable here.

Node connects to other onion nodes, and communicates with them normally, but doesn't create its own hidden service.

In debug.log, with debug=tor, it says:

tor: Thread interrupt
tor: Successfully connected!
tor: Connected to Tor version
tor: Supported authentication method: NULL
tor: Using NULL authentication
tor: Authentication successful
tor: Add onion failed with unrecognized command (You probably need to upgrade Tor)

The "tor: Got service ID ..." never appears in the log.

All updates are applied in Qubes and this VM. Tor version seems to be the latest.

Bitcoin user can read cookies in /var/run.

What else to check? Are there any dependencies needed to enable tor cookie authentication?

  • I think it was something in the Whonix 14 VM. Once moved to a Debian VM it worked. – SMS Dec 13 '19 at 11:07

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