I'm getting: 2019-06-14T01:16:35Z ERROR: ConnectBlock(): CheckInputs on c2de0a7014853898bde9319cb347225d4ee6cef9025dc56773b0b57010060d48 failed with non-mandatory-script-verify-flag (Script evaluated without error but finished with a false/empty top stack element) (code 64)

  • before that, node was making progress. Chain was synicing with the normal UpdateTip
  • after, constant failures 2019-06-14T01:16:54Z ERROR: AcceptBlockHeader: block 0000000000000000000104e5800f4ea259c5ab92a18e15320d8879d6c9e09e5b is marked invalid. No UpdateTip events for days.

bitcoind --version Bitcoin Core Daemon version v0.18.99.0-257f750cd

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