Is it possible to make a metadata-only transaction without transferring bitcoins? (I know you should always pay a fee, but is it essential to transfer bitcoins in a transaction?) Thanks and regards!

  • What sort of ‘metadata’ are you talking about? Just writing arbitrary data to the blockchain? – chytrik Jun 27 '19 at 19:19
  • I'm talking about the metadata added with OP_RETURN opcode, I want to know if it is possible to create a voting system using OP_RETURN opcode to reflect the voter elections without having to make bitcoins transfers, just paying the transaction fee. – Yamil Jun 27 '19 at 22:13
  • ah, got it. I'm curious, why implement a voting system on top of Bitcoin? I'm not sure I see the advantage that justifies the costs. – chytrik Jun 27 '19 at 23:05
  • I'm just doing an analysis of different BlockChain platforms to implement an electronic voting system. The idea of using BlockChain is to achieve a more reliable and transparent system. – Yamil Jun 27 '19 at 23:52
  • If that is your goal, I don't see how a blockchain is the ideal solution. Comments aren't a suitable place for discussion though, if you're interested, you can join the chat on this site to discuss further: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/8089/mempool. Also, fwiw: xkcd.com/2030 – chytrik Jun 28 '19 at 0:01

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