Created a testnet p2wsh Electrum multisig 2 of 3 wallet.

When I click on the radio buttons in Wallet/Information, all cosigners have same Vpub master public key. Normal?

Asking because I am trying out Electrum Personal Server and getting the following error.

WARNING:2019-06-28 08:15:00,335: Address not known to server, hash(address) = d***********. This means Electrum is requesting information about addresses that are missing from Electrum Personal Server's configuration file.

The EPS config.ini comments mention the following format for 2 or 3 wallets but when I use 2 Vpub Vpub Vpub the first 3 addresses of each master public key don’t match the ones I see in Electrum. Help!

multisig_wallet = 2 xpub661MyMwAqRbcFseXCwRdRVkhVuzEiskg4QUp5XpUdNf2uGXvQmnD4zcofZ1MN6Fo8PjqQ5cemJQ39f7RTwDVVputHMFjPUn8VRp2pJQMgEF xpub661MyMwAqRbcFseXCwRdRVkhVuzEiskg4QUp5XpUdNf2uGXvQmnD4zcofZ1MN6Fo8PjqQ5cemJQ39f7RTwDVVputHMFjPUn8VRp2pJQMgEF xpub661MyMwAqRbcFseXCwRdRVkhVuzEiskg4QUp5XpUdNf2uGXvQmnD4zcofZ1MN6Fo8PjqQ5cemJQ39f7RTwDVVputHMFjPUn8VRp2pJQMgEF

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Not normal, each cosigner should have a unique master public key.

There is a reported bug in Electrum 3.3.6 that causes the issue on macOS.

Until a fix is pushed to production, it’s possible to get master public keys using the Electrum console (View/Show Console).

[k.xpub for k in wallet.get_keystores()]

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