As from the title of the question. I'm using these biconij 0.15.2 and following jar libraries:

  • guava 0.28
  • bcprov-ext-jdk15on
  • slf4j-2.0

and have downloaded all the full node blockchain Bitcoins. I started to become familiar with some tools, just to understand how bitcoinj works.

Currently I can scan the blocks and open them to read transactions. For each transaction, in general, there are an input address and an output address, but they can be multiple.

Having an address (not in my default wallet, but any address) how could I reconstruct his balance? I know a bit the mechanism of UTOXs, the target address appears, if there is to memorize the UTXO and then subsequently repeat the same procedure for each block and summing the found UTXOs (for the same address), is it correct?

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