I'm running bitcoind 0.18.0 with txindex. The indexes are stored on an SSD, and raw block data is stored on an external HDD. Out of the blue it crashed with a Fatal LevelDB error: Corruption: truncated block read error message shortly after receiving a block at height 585160. Now, every time I try to start it, it loads the chain state, verifies the last 6 blocks, and then crashes when loading the txindex giving the following message:

EXCEPTION: 15dbwrapper_error
Fatal LevelDB error: Corruption: truncated block read: /home/bitcoin/.bitcoin/indexes/txindex/156611.ldb
bitcoin in scheduler

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'dbwrapper_error'
  what():  Fatal LevelDB error: Corruption: truncated block read: /home/bitcoin/.bitcoin/indexes/txindex/156611.ldb

Is anyone out there familiar with this issue that can help? I figure I can try a full reindex, but I know that will take a long time and I'd like to avoid it if possible. Is there a faster way to only recreate the txindex? Does anyone know why this might have happened or how I could possibly prevent this?

  • I started a reindex because I'd like to get this node back up sooner rather than later, but I'd still love to know more about what the problem was if anyone has insight. – Daniel McNally Jul 16 '19 at 11:46

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