I need my rig to run slower (silent during the day) and full speed at night. i've figured out a way to replace the config file every x hours but I can't see what settings will actually slow it down.

when it runs full speed the fans are extremely loud @ 80-95degrees. if i can get it to run about 70degress just more than 1/2 speed that would be perfect. I have two ATI cards.

What is the best way to throttle phoenix 2.0?

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You cannot tweak phoenix to keep your cards cool.

Using stock software like the AMD Catlyst Center you can adjust you settings the way you like them and save it as a preset. Make sure to save the preset in the start menu.

You will make two pre-sets.

  1. Maximum Speed - Clock speeds set to maximum and fan way up
  2. Silence! - Clocks at minum and fan set as low as possible

You can then copy the shortcuts to you desktop and double clicking them will apply the pre-sets. Or you can run them using windows scheduler or some remote scripts or triggers.

You just need to find the sweet spots. for example: 1 x AIT 6990 with stock cooler and OC Switch on (tested 45 minute intervals)

  • max - 880clock, +2% power and 72% fan = 75ish celcius @ 770mh(stable)

  • min - 500clock, +0% and 38% fan = 75ish celciu stable temp @ 450mh


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