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I had posted a similar question, but wanted to remake as I figured out some things that are not the issue.

I used the -zapwallettxes command to allow me to resend a transaction with a higher fee. However, after the zap there seems to be BTC missing from my wallet unrelated to the stuck transaction(this transaction has since resolved and confirmed). Before the Zap my balance was about 0.1129 and after it was inexplicably 0.08268 and I cant seem to locate this missing BTC.

If I use the listbyreceived and listreceivedbyaccount commands they both show total incoming BTC as 0.728899. The listunspent command shows a total of 0.08268 BTC, which matches my current showing balance. When I listtransactions and look for "sent" it only shows 0.30801 "sent" total, but I know it must be much more than this (about .61 BTC sent to make the balance the 0.1129 it should be).

Does anyone have an explanation as to why the zap would cause other BTC to go missing? I would also appreciate any tips on how to get the missing BTC back into my balance!


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