I am fairly new to bitcoin and was trying to set up a local regtest network with four nodes in the same machine by having different configuration file for each node. However when I try to bring up a node using the bitcoind it starts up but on inspecting the debug.log I can see the following line -

Error: Couldn't open socket for incoming connections (socket returned error Address family not supported by protocol (97))

I don't know if it is related to my problem here, but when I bring up all the four nodes and then check the connection count, it returns 0 for all the nodes in the network. I am able to mine transactions(using the generate to address) but unable to send bitcoins to other nodes in the network. Is it because it cannot listen to messages on the socket?

I am sorry if this is a very trivial mistake on my part.

  • I don't know the motive of your problem but your first operation (using the generate to address) not use the socket because of the bitcoin give this operation in the local but for send the transactions the node must utilize the network, so the socket. if you use linux I would try if the sudo with the command work – vincenzopalazzo Jul 31 at 8:49

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