I found that a library called Bitcoinkit use stealthVersion.

public class Mainnet: Network {
    override var stealthVersion: UInt8 {
        return 0x2A

I tried to search 0x2A,0x2a and 42(decimal from 0x2a) but find nothing in source code.

Is this calculated in bitcoin source code?

I found some Altcoin have a stealth.cpp which defined stealthversion:

const uint8_t stealth_version_byte = 0x28;
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    I suspect this is for a feature called stealth addresses, which are not supported by Bitcoin Core, so naturally you wouldn't find it in its source code. – Pieter Wuille Aug 6 at 15:27
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    I thought it too. But why it is 0x2A instead of something else? – Coel Wu Aug 6 at 15:29
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    You'll have to ask the person who picked that value. – Pieter Wuille Aug 6 at 15:29
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    Yeah. I have just noticed that. The value is same as the bitcoin's version. Mainnet is 0x2a, Testnet is 0x2b. I couldn't find these too. – Coel Wu Aug 6 at 16:17

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