enter image description here I transferred bitcoin to a friend yesterday and it showed transferred this morning to an unknown address and it showing zero recipient a

  • This wallet generate at the instant fo creation the transactionId for find this transaction on the explorer, the transaction bitcoin is public and permanently if it is runned ok, you have a transaction id? – vincenzopalazzo Aug 22 at 12:55
  • What can I do to rectify it – uwaoma Aug 22 at 14:44
  • Please help me out I need to rectify it – uwaoma Aug 22 at 14:51
  • if you have an id transaction you can find inside an explorer such as blockstream.info – vincenzopalazzo Aug 22 at 16:17
  • Please sir can I get your WhatsApp number so you can direct me am not understanding – uwaoma Aug 22 at 19:36

The bitcoin transaction can be found into some explorer, som explorers are:

When you do the transaction on the blockchain and the transaction was confirmed, The bitcoins can't losed but it was sending.

Inside your case you have created in this date 8/21/2019, 8:32:59 PM the 0.00989381 BTC at this wallet id 14YEokiQaSti8uDfCBJ42WC8WWza7KAfTe

look this information inside the explorer click me

So the result of your transaction is ok

  • You are making this worst for me ,I will give you some money from it ,let chat on WhatsApp so I can rectify this please – uwaoma Aug 22 at 22:32
  • Please this is my own WhatsApp number please and please ,I will pay please,am really in pains – uwaoma Aug 22 at 22:37
  • 09020955533 please just a message let me understand better – uwaoma Aug 22 at 22:38
  • you will find me on IRC in the channel #bitcoin-lose-stack-bitcoin, I'll stay here for two days. I won't exchange any number of whatsapp also because I don't use it – vincenzopalazzo Aug 22 at 22:39
  • 1
    @uwaoma: I doubt you can recover your funds. Most likely you will end up losing more and more money to tricksters if you continue to offer strangers money to help you and engage in private discussions with strangers. I'm sure Vincenzo is sincere but your actions are making you vulnerable to exploitation by others who are not sincere (who may pretend to be Vincenzo) – RedGrittyBrick Aug 23 at 11:04

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