enter image description here Please I need serious help ,I sent a bitcoin to an address only to wake up to see a different address ,instead of being sent it shows transferred to a zero recipient ,please I need to rectify this

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  • Please help me out sir , I don’t know what to do – uwaoma Aug 23 at 5:53
  • Please ,you people are not helping me rather you guys are just telling me to do something I don’t understand please someone should help me out please ,that why am here please – uwaoma Aug 23 at 6:32
  • since you are new to Bitcoin SE I would like to mention that this forum is a Q&A portal to understand the technology behind Bitcoin or technology/events that are relevant to Bitcoin. Users voluntarily try to help out people who are in need and they might need more information to understand your problem better. If you want someone to sort your whole problem then I would recommend you pound the table at the customer service department of the product/service you are using rather than venting it out here. – Ugam Kamat Aug 23 at 7:10
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    @uwaoma No you had sent the bitcoin to this address 14YEokiQaSti8uDfCBJ42WC8WWza7KAfTe you can see inside the wallet 0 or other value strange but I think is a bug of the wallet, that now there are so many, the blockchain wallet sometimes has a tantrum, from personal experience. Now you can really test the power of blockchain and see where your bitcoins have gone, via the blockchain explorer, look at my previous answer – vincenzopalazzo Aug 23 at 12:21

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