How do I transfer my Bitcoin into AUD and my bank account or who is a good broker or company to organise it please I have a substantial amount of Bitcoin to transfer to my bank it is in block hash tags etc I invested through local Bitcoin LLC and free Bitcoin and gaming affiliates etc. I have seen the balances that I need to get assistance with I am willing to pay a fair per centage commission. I need to access these funds it is link to my Commonwealth bank Australia account.

Miss Karli Lee King 0468934464 kingkarlilee@gmail.com maddiganking@gmail.com kylz2018@gmail.com Kylie.maddigan2019@gmail.com

  • if I understand, if you convert your bitcoin into money, you can use a coinbase, It makes everything affordable for everyone – vincenzopalazzo Aug 23 '19 at 12:43

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