There have been quite a few OP_RETURN transactions recently where OP_RETURN data in the scriptPubKey starts with 4c 50 which is LP as ASCII.

For example these transactions:
- ccce20a2b4c79d80fe57bd4008c398c548cefc7f353e71044353432f434d8e6a
- 2d02e75f6f72a1e633e4f1b36066428f1904ca5859bc6a711806961b8b6fbfd3
- f85a0efd449f193605048b73dd7bb0287c7a331ab92755497b4d77806090849e
- b193bb721f21e2efc9dcfd9bb8ab8753f9a70f6ff7ce8bbffb0a173a45adf6b0
- ... and a lot more (6447 in the last two hours at the time of writing this)

Since the first bytes are usually used as an identifier (e.g. omni for OmniLayer) I'd be curious if anybody happens to know where this could originate from.

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The starting bytes 4c 50 has nothing to do with ASCII encoding. 0x4c represents opcode OP_PUSHDATA1 which indicates that the next opcode bytes is data to be pushed onto the stack. So in the examples that you have given, 4c 50 will indicate pushing the next 0x50 bytes onto the stack which is 80 bytes in decimal. The question you should have been asking is why the data that has been encoded on the stack for all the transactions that you have listed starts with 00 06 4e

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