I have successfully downloaded, compiled and installed bitcoin-cli from github.

I can send or receive bitcoins with sendtoaddress and getnewaddress methods.

It works great and i am happy to do that without install third party software (i do not trust them)

But i have a problem: I need to download the full blockchain files (with bitcoind) on my computer.

Is there a way to run sendtoaddress and getnewaddress methods with having only wallet.dat file on my computer ? I do not want to download the full blockchain files. Is it possible ?

How works ledger wallet key ? This small key does not contain a copy of the blockchain. And it works !



I don't think is possible to work with the wallet bitcoin-core without blk file.

I think is a good example, if you go inside the car and her car does not have the fuel.

The mobile wallet has the remote full node with the full bitcoin blockchain.

But I don't know a mode for work with bitcoin core without the file blk, I think it is impossible, but id my answers is wrong someone will correct me

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