I started bitcoind with the option -printtoconsole to check for errors and my terminal ssh connection was timed out during the night - probably because my computer was in hibernation.

I see that the process is still running under top.

Is there an option to reconnect so that it will print the output to a new ssh connected shell?

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I don't think you can reconnect to it easily, but for next time, you could create a screen session and start bitcoind inside of it. That way you could reconnect to it with screen -r


You cannot reconnect, but everything that is printed with -printtoconsole will also be written to the debug.log file. So you can just do tail -f debug.log to get the same output.

If you wanted to monitor for errors in this way, I would suggest that you always do tail -f debug.log instead of using -printtoconsole. The debug.log will always be written to so you can look at previous logs while you are offline/away. And it is still written to when Bitcoin Core is daemonized (with -daemon) or otherwise running disconnected from your shell (as in your case).

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