Need help!! anyone there.. How to Deduct transaction fee always from 1 receiver address if sending some BTC amount to 2 different receiver addresses in single transaction

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There is no concept of 'which address is paying the fee' in a Bitcoin transaction.

Instead, transactions are constructed as follows:

  • One or more UTXOs are specified as inputs. These UTXOs are spent in their entirety
  • New UTXOs are created as outputs. Each one is of a certain value, and pays to a certain address.
  • The difference (value of inputs - value of outputs) is the implied miner's fee.

So, it is up to whoever crafts the transaction to allocate Bitcoin to each newly created output in a way which satisfies the socially agreed upon transaction conditions (ie, "decide who is paying the fee, and then deduct the fee from the newly created output they will own").

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