Where does c-lightning save its debug.log file? I know you can run the lightning daemon with --log-level=debug and access the logs in the terminal. But, I run my node on a remote server and I access it via SSH and sometimes when my internet connection goes off for a second on the machine which I am accessing through, my SSH client times out. I was wondering if there is a location where c-lightning saves all these logs just like how Bitcoin-core saves its debug.log file in ~/.bitcoin folder.

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C-lightning does not save logs by default. One can ensure that the logs are saved to the drive by including log-file=<file_name>.log in the config file. When staring lightningd you can include the level of logs that the file has to capture by including --log-level=LEVEL, where LEVEL can be io, debug, info, unusual, or broken.

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    As all command line arguments to lightningd these can also be stored as key value pairs in a config file which is either called config and stored in your lightning dir (by default at ~/.lightning) or is passed as an argument to lightningd Sep 8, 2019 at 14:52

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