I'm very new to Bitcoin development, using its RPC API.

I created a wallet using

    "method": "createwallet",
    "params": {
        "wallet_name": "/wallets/walletA"

Now I want to get info about this wallet. I try to use the getwalletinfo command.

But it seems you can't specify the wallet name/path when running this command? You have to "load" the wallet first (using loadwallet)?

This is the part I do not understand. Let's say I have created 10 wallets and I try to run a getwalletinfo command in a multithreaded environment... How can I make sure I target the right wallet? Do I really have to send a loadwallet request to specify the wallet I want to work on, before getting info about it?

What will occure if I want to get information about "walletA" so I run loadwallet walletA, but before I can run getwalletinfo to get its info, a loadwallet walletB request is made?


When more than one wallet is available, the wallet is selected by sending the RPC requests to <host:port>/wallet/<wallet_name>.

You might have to play around with the exact form, I suspect it might be <host:port>/wallet/wallets/walletA in your case, or <host:port>/wallets/walletA, or <host:port>/wallet/walletA.

  • I have been unable to make this work. Maybe because I'm on Windows with backslahes in paths. I tried everything: url encoding, escaping backslahes, etc. I even looked at Bitcoin code, and I'm not sure paths are properly managed when following /wallet/ in urls! In the end, I decided to use the walletdir config in bitcoin.confin order to specify the directory where wallets will be created. And I only use the name of a wallet (no path) in the RPC /wallet/[wallet_name] url. This works. Hope it helps someone, one day. – electrotype Sep 21 '19 at 13:57
  • By the way, thanks for your help Raghav! :-) – electrotype Sep 21 '19 at 19:59

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