I have experience with secure-copy and secure-download but how do I move only the Bitcoin Client "blocks" and "chainstate" folders within the home directory of Ubuntu 18.04 to an external USB hard-drive while running the Bitcoin Client on the connected laptop with limited storage on board? I'd sincerely appreciate the best-practice or recommended approach for hosting a Bitcoin full-node on a laptop with an external USB hard-drive since I am also attempting to run Blockstream and FIBRE on this environment- thank you


The easiest way to do this according to the Bitcoin Core Wiki is to append the datadir option after running bitcoind to launch the client according to the following syntax:

  • bitcoind -datadir=/media/myusername/backup/.bitcoin

example provided thusly:

  • bitcoind -datadir=/media/alexanderjsingleton/SEAGATE/.bitcoin

Also, don't forget to mount the external USB hard-drive by using the ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/ option by command line or by GUI-method.


Also, after bitcoin(d) link creates the ~/.bitcoin folder, you can add a link to external drive.

cd ~/.bitcoin
rm -rf ./blocks
rm -rf ./chainstate
ln -s /data/btc_blocks ./blocks
ln -s /data/btc_chainstate ./chainstate

remove original block and chainstate though.

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