Someone who scammed me used this wallet to receive the BTC 12fmomENb5SSxR54Bitua71CZrc4oVQtmB he hasn't moved them from there since July 31st I'm trying to figure it if that wallet belong to any exchange so I can contact them because I have all proof that this person in fact stole from me...


I analyzed a bit with forensic tools and found that with high likelihood either you or the scammer (or both) have an Huobi.com account.

If I understand you right then 03281a511f38992dff51dee176c66dfc5f873e92cd76228956ca5099a27214fd shows the scam transaction and the input addresses on the left side are yours and you initiated the transaction?

If yes then wait until the funds of 12fmomENb5SSxR54Bitua71CZrc4oVQtmB move (as of writing no move), then the flow can be analyzed until the scammer cashes out by sending the funds to a known exchange address.

If no (hacker initiated the transaction): Then address 14trBCQy7eGqGHKTouGC24vFJoFBoofBmn belongs as well likely to the scammer (you should know it if you look into your wallet), address 1BAyMWsePjFXjURd7EAPxs7YzFZAnTuw8e belongs likely to the same person and sent some funds to address 19LoQjvaNvTtKeADkZfqsbWCkWqoyjsTiK which is a known Huobi.com address. In this case it depends on your and spammers jurisdiction and Huobi support and a bit luck if you can identify the spammer with police's help or legal action.

Wish you success!

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In general, there's no way to know if that address belongs to an exchange.

This is especially true when the funds have not been moved/spent.

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