can addresses of input of a single tx be always considered as belonging to same account?

sample transaction

Above is a sample transaction on bitcoin. Here, input addresses are

3P2hJg8iRSBExAjd9yQGaazCLPFLeGB3hU (0.88970519 BTC - Output)
35jRUYxAwkqFhGyiGvS6Q4Aqxgcru7m9DM (0.43636859 BTC - Output)

My question is, since these two addresses are in a single tx, can they be considered as coming from same account (or wallet)?

The reason why I ask is I want to extract account-like info because bitcoin world actually has no account concept.

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No, you cannot assume this.

There are a number of ways in which individual inputs may belong to different wallets/owners. For example:

  • They could come from a hosted wallet or exchange, where inputs may span coins deposited by thousands of individual users, and selected for a transaction with no particular relation to the user making that transaction
  • Coinjoin techniques allow multiple individual transactions from any number of actors to be combined into a single large transaction, mixing all of the individual inputs and outputs

That was assumption mentioned in Bitcoin whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto, but, as mentioned above, is not true.

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