Is it possible to send a transaction containing hashed values in the body of it to no one? I explain better. I would like to store data on bitcoin and I would need to send a transaction containing this value but not to any specific address. I could i do it?


It's storing data on bitcoin blockchain is not a good practice but is possible to create a transaction with a special script.

The transaction name is Transaction null data, a little introduction on this type of the transaction is here


You are free to design your scriptPubKey for the Output Transaction as you wish. So just a OP_RETURN makes it unspendable.


Using Bitcoin for data storage is not recommended. However, the cheapest way to do so is by committing data into a custom P2WSH PUSHDATA script and spending it. When you spend this P2WSH output, script bytedata is declared in witness data. Since witness scripts are subject to a consensus limit of 10,000 bytes and a standardness limit of 3600 bytes, the ideal max script construction for storing 3574-bytes should be:

<514-bytes> <510-bytes> <510-bytes> <510-bytes> <510-bytes> <510-bytes> <510-bytes> OP_2DROP OP_2DROP OP_2DROP OP_DROP OP_1

This construction compiles to a witness script of 3600-bytes. With a %75 discount in witness data, you end up paying for 900 vBytes to store 3574-bytes.

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