this is related to esplora (the block explorer) and its electrs backend API. Is it possible to run esplora for a just a local elementsregtest?

When I launch electrs this is the error I receive back:

DEBUG - Server listening on
DEBUG - Running accept thread
INFO - NetworkInfo { version: 180101, subversion: "/Elements Core:" }
INFO - BlockchainInfo { chain: "liquidregtest", blocks: 1, headers: 1, bestblockhash: "9cc7c8fb1c8e2e1e8ed184f5e31548eb5859b74e7552ba8841c41aeeb24d0ae3", pruned: false, verificationprogress: 0.334, initialblockdownload: Some(false) }
DEBUG - opening DB at "./db/liquidregtest/newindex/txstore"
DEBUG - 0 blocks were added
DEBUG - opening DB at "./db/liquidregtest/newindex/history"
DEBUG - 0 blocks were indexed
DEBUG - opening DB at "./db/liquidregtest/newindex/cache"
DEBUG - downloading all block headers up to 9cc7c8fb1c8e2e1e8ed184f5e31548eb5859b74e7552ba8841c41aeeb24d0ae3
TRACE - downloading 2 block headers
ERROR - server failed: Error: failed to parse header 000000a021cab1e5da4718ea140d9716931702422f0e6ad915c8d9b583cac2706b2a9000ac20a615d9b0d4df3e3ac2cb7018a07bd314d6bb715a57adead7c03e208b3658890e9d5d01000000012200204ae81572f06e1b88fd5ced7a1a000945432e83e1551e6f721ee9c00b8cc332604b00000000010151
Caused by: parse failed: data not consumed entirely when explicitly deserializing

The command used to launch electrs is:

cargo run --features liquid --release --bin electrs -- -vvvv --daemon-dir ~/.elements/elements- --daemon-rpc-addr --cookie user:password --network liquidregtest -v

And there is indeed an elementsd running on that whose name is liquidregtest (in the config file there is the line: chain=liquidregtest), in fact with the elements-cli I successfully requested an address and executed a generatetoaddress, which returned the "9cc7c8fb1c8e2e1e8ed184f5e31548eb5859b74e7552ba8841c41aeeb24d0ae3" that you see in the DEBUG (meaning it successfully created the block).

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