I apologize if this is a stupid question, but I've spent ~2 weeks on this and I'm lost on this one.

The coin compiles and when I enter the run command (./coind), the typical assertion error occurs. However, I cannot find the debug.log file.

My OS is Windows, but I am using the WSL (Windows subsystem for Linux). The coin directory is just in a folder on my Desktop.

I found this that said to input the code in the "chainparams.cpp" (I inserted ~line 196 for the cloned PIVX repository):

 assert(hashGenesisBlock == uint256("0x"));
    assert(genesis.hashMerkleRoot == uint256("0x"));

    hashGenesisBlock = genesis.GetHash();
    if(genesis.GetHash() != uint256("0x"))
    printf("MSearching for genesis block...\n");
    uint256 hashTarget;
    while(uint256(genesis.GetHash()) > uint256(hashTarget))
        if (genesis.nNonce == 0)
            printf("Mainnet NONCE WRAPPED, incrementing time");
            std::cout << std::string("Mainnet NONCE WRAPPED, incrementing time:\n");
        if (genesis.nNonce % 10000 == 0)
           printf("Mainnet: nonce %08u: hash = %s \n", genesis.nNonce, genesis.GetHash().ToString().c_str());
    printf("Mainnet block.nTime = %u \n", genesis.nTime);
    printf("Mainnet block.nNonce = %u \n", genesis.nNonce);
    printf("Mainnet block.hashMerkleRoot: %s\n", genesis.hashMerkleRoot.ToString().c_str());
    printf("Mainnet block.GetHash = %s\n", genesis.GetHash().ToString().c_str());


A file explorer search of the directory came up nill. I feel like it's really obvious, but due to my lack of knowledge/experience (less than a year) I just don't see it.

If I need to provide for info, please let me know.

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