Can pharmaceutical products be returned or sold to other customers using bitcoin as a form of payment if I was the seller. I am wondering because I am a pharmacist and have a lot of overstock and was wondering if other less fortunate people in the world could benefit from use of medication still in date.

  • Hello Stephanie, it's not clear what impact the form of payment would have in regard to whether or not you could sell your stock. Could you please clarify what sort of aspect of selling you would expect this to influence? Is this a question about legality, or do you mean that you would usually only sell domestically, but would sell abroad in exchange for Bitcoin? – Murch Oct 13 '19 at 1:00
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    As far as Bitcoin is concerned, technically, you'd have no problem sending/receiving money. But the pharmaceutical niche is probably one of the most regulated and bureaucratic out there. Unless you're selling to very distant places with little or no regulation, this idea probably won't fly for Europe and the Americas. Even if you settle your payments in Bitcoin, you'd probably need your invoices in some major currency (USD/EUR/GBP/etc). – Jose Fonseca Oct 13 '19 at 3:07

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