First small problem: blockchair.com give me only output scripts, not input - is any blockexplorer online with it? I read binary data and this may be hard recreate my sample data and verify. I test BTC block 500186. First is coinbase tx =


and I don't analyse it because has not previous transactions.

 Next is a bit odd transaction =              

 odd because script is short:      

this can I also skip.

Next is 

has script     
483045022100df7b1f04615972c7e9d05e9c6c176b95f1a9fc9b73e86eb6d6747336da118a4d02202021d00dab65b6000ef2fcae7525427d1dbec40a2def4196111b8b11c5247bfd012103eafee16adb27d36dc89e4aae0d1b5e0f8ddb2c9136612dc733ec65b1db128cca , 

it give me signature:  
and key 
and hash of previous tx = 

I amd computing r and s numbers: first has 33 bytes, second 32 bytes (should be 32 + 33?)

 r =   
 s = 

RecoverCompact can't recover becasue is 33+22 not 32+33 bytes, if I exchange r and s, is also bad; next scripts give me s and r for example 32+32, 33+33 bytes etc. Question:

how compute r and s ?
RecoverCompact (from Bitcoin sources) hs parameter hash - it is hash of current or previous transaction?
After recover I must obtain second array of script from frist array of script + hash?

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