I am on Ubuntu 16.04, with the latest version of Bitcoin Core, synced and working.

I would like to know why is there a little delay of approximately 1 sec, sometimes more, before a received transaction appear on the console when we run for instance bitcoind -printoconsole, if I check the tx on blockchain.com for instance, I can see that the transaction were received 1 or 2 sec before I even see it on my node, why is there a delay ? I have try on another ubuntu server with a super fast connection and it's the same thing. By the way, it's the same thing when I send a Tx, it's submitted and appear on the network 1-2 secs after.

So my question is why is there such a delay even on a node ? Is it possible to reduce it ?

I have already asked the same question on the bitcoin repo on github and someone told me that it is an intentional delay against attackers, but what I don't understand is why blockchain has access to it before node ? If they can it mean that we can too right ?

Just like when few years ago and even months, some brainwallet were swipped within milliseconds.

Thanks in advance !


If I understand your question, your latency compared to blockchain.info is motivated to the blockchain.ifo use the node distributed to the world and you have only the one node.

I have read this reasearch where write this

In any peer-to-peer system, dierent nodes will receive thesame data at different times. Blockchain.info uses a geographi-cally distributed set of nodes to obtain relatively accurate times-tamps. BlockSci is a single-node system, so its timestamps in-evitably lag those of blockchain.info. Based on 2 weeks of mempooldata recorded by our AWS node in theus-east-1ddata center, wefound that our timestamps lag blockchain.info’s timestamps byan average of 16 seconds and a standard deviation of 4 seconds.Any BlockSci user can perform a similar measurement and apply auniform correction to eliminate the average lag, but of course thevariance will remain.

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  • Okay I understand, I will read the research, thank you ! – Whitey Oct 25 '19 at 18:30

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