I started playing with bitcoind 0.18.1 on a RPI4 and i can see that even when fully synced it is still using 100% cpu so one full core.

Is this normal / expected ?

Looking at the threads is the bitcoin-msghand (ler?) thread that is doing the work

 5946 999       20   0  557016 410080   3392 R  98.8  10.2 226:58.92 bitcoin-msghand       

could it be that my dbcache=100 is causing it to do much IO while relaying data to other peers ? To be fair i don't see much IO at all


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I noticed the same behavior with a x86 cpu (j5005).

b-msghand is a network thread that handles "application level message (sending and receiving). Almost all net_processing and validation logic runs on this thread."

So my solution has been to reduce -maxconnections to 60 (from the default 125) and I have never seen it again using 100% of 1 core.

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