I am following this tutorial, which says to use signrawtransaction. However, I get:

error code: -32
error message:
signrawtransaction was removed in v0.18.
Clients should transition to using signrawtransactionwithkey and signrawtransactionwithwallet

The API call in the tutorial shows this:

$ signedtx2=$(bitcoin-cli -named signrawtransaction hexstring=$rawtxhex2 | jq -r '.hex')

How do I do that same thing using the new signrawtransactionwithkey API? I started by generating a 256-bit private key:


Now I'm not sure what to do. I guess I am to do something like this, but not sure exactly how to define it using CLI variables and such to make sure it's going to work.

signrawtransactionwithkey  "0200000001cfe62b9f1c52bc2998f9a0e6d6ee35430c93ec653d5691935178147a43090fee0000000000ffffffff01f0afd320766191d4c5c088ac00000000" "[\"cSXHtKRXWnCLWhuie8WC13cKF3qdnKL8vG3BiRpxgCXZkK2CHe9u\"]"  "[{\"txid\":\"ee0f09437a1478519391563d65ec930c4335eed6e6a0f99829bc521c9f2be6cf\",\"vout\":0,\"scriptPubKey\":\"a914111111111111111111111111111111111111111187\",\"redeemScript\":\"5221033d9aecbced8e776c03d283f6c0d64c6a301ad142d74d500fe8860c9b362fa4932102a4df3cb4e5286e180b7c68e323c778e32350a604d4f4a74c290d1c60c721687a52ae\"}]"

Looking further, I need to base58 encode the key.

  • signrawtransactionwithkey is for when you want to sign a raw transaction with a key you have that is not in your wallet. In that tutorial the key is just a key in your wallet, so you can avoid the issue of exporting the key by using signrawtransactionwithwallet instead. Oct 28, 2019 at 15:31

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If you just want to sign the raw transaction as it's shown in the tutorial, please use signrawtransactionwithwallet instead. It would be like below.

$ signedtx2=$(bitcoin-cli -named signrawtransactionwithwallet hexstring=$rawtxhex2 | jq -r '.hex')
$ bitcoin-cli -named sendrawtransaction hexstring=$signedtx2

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