I'm attempting to create a PSBT using RPC:

bitcoin-cli createpsbt [[{"txid": "1d76879500aecafde541770b5d44ccec5955b4c1a455fae446bf1df7b5ea43e9", "vout": 0}, {"txid": "e5a8dfa9459ac154fe62652e1d43049dae13f11815da36cc32881e27917a0dff", "vout": 1}], [{"bcrt1qnv3tl3z9cll9faqf79ppfn3rrp7pn9wwmq04p5gqgqtxg55xfxuslkyk94": "0.20000000"}, {"bcrt1qa4h6amsgyc878k094grqh6ktmgvp97dt6et9cy5hjmyxlgd9q63q3p6hch": "1.79900000"}], 0, true]

This is the PSBT I receive in return:


When decoded, the inputs and outputs sections of the PSBT are empty. Why is this? Bitcoin Core should know everything necessary to fill these sections out. Why doesn't it?

bitcoin-cli -regtest decode <psbt>
{'inputs': [{}, {}],
 'outputs': [{}, {}],
 'tx': {'hash': 'fd88b50ec52948dcf04b0d802000b325f960f3333cff8bf7a274273c9d7e2ed7',
        'locktime': 0,
        'size': 178,
        'txid': 'fd88b50ec52948dcf04b0d802000b325f960f3333cff8bf7a274273c9d7e2ed7',
        'version': 2,
        'vin': [{'scriptSig': {'asm': '', 'hex': ''},
                 'sequence': 4294967293,
                 'txid': '1d76879500aecafde541770b5d44ccec5955b4c1a455fae446bf1df7b5ea43e9',
                 'vout': 0},
                {'scriptSig': {'asm': '', 'hex': ''},
                 'sequence': 4294967293,
                 'txid': 'e5a8dfa9459ac154fe62652e1d43049dae13f11815da36cc32881e27917a0dff',
                 'vout': 1}],
        'vout': [{'n': 0,
                  'scriptPubKey': {'addresses': ['bcrt1qnv3tl3z9cll9faqf79ppfn3rrp7pn9wwmq04p5gqgqtxg55xfxuslkyk94'],
                                   'asm': '0 '
                                   'hex': '00209b22bfc445c7fe54f409f14214ce23187c1995ced81f50d100401664528649b9',
                                   'reqSigs': 1,
                                   'type': 'witness_v0_scripthash'},
                  'value': Decimal('0.20000000')},
                 {'n': 1,
                  'scriptPubKey': {'addresses': ['bcrt1qa4h6amsgyc878k094grqh6ktmgvp97dt6et9cy5hjmyxlgd9q63q3p6hch'],
                                   'asm': '0 '
                                   'hex': '0020ed6faeee08260fe3d9e5aa060beacbda1812f9abd6565c129796c86fa1a506a2',
                                   'reqSigs': 1,
                                   'type': 'witness_v0_scripthash'},
                  'value': Decimal('1.79900000')}],
        'vsize': 178,
        'weight': 712},
 'unknown': {}}

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It's not supposed to. createpsbt does not have access to the wallet so it cannot fill in any input or output information. If you want those to be filled in, you can use walletcreatefundedpsbt.

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    Or alternatively, utxoupdatepsbt after createpsbt (but that only works for known-to-be-segwit inputs, as pre-segwit inputs need the full transaction that created the output being spent from, something the UTXO set doesn't have access to). Oct 31, 2019 at 22:13
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    Ahh I didn't realize it didn't have access to the wallet. This makes perfect sense. Thanks.
    – justinmoon
    Oct 31, 2019 at 22:14

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