So I am running bitcoind everything is fine and the blockchain got synced etc. Next step is to have bitcoind starting on boot. I get this error on starting the service after creating a nano /etc/systemd/system/bitcoind.service the erro is Error: Unable to create the PID file /home/path/.bitcoin/bitcoind.pid: Permission denied

thanks in advance.

  • Did you change /home/path to the home directory of the user bitcoind will run under? Or do you actually have a user called path? Nov 2, 2019 at 22:50

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It look like a permission read/write error, if you are sure about the bitcoin binary you are using, then try to run your command with sudo at the begining of it or try a sudo chmod 711 /etc/systemd/system/bitcoind.service which will give the proper right to the file you want to use.

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