I use nodejs with this npm library:

const bitcoinjs = require('bitcoinjs-lib');  // version "^5.1.6"

I received a rawTx from zeroMq, then extract it:

const tx = bitcoinjs.Transaction.fromHex(rawTx);

the txID is 8dba72608cbfca197b55d86aae2817d11f829b9361eb421fb005616f48ce8401

if I take the first output:

let output = tx.outs[0];

then I try to get the address:

const scriptBuffer = Buffer.from(output.script);
const address = bitcoinjs.address.fromOutputScript(scriptBuffer);

I get:


But from bitcoin core I get:


My question: how do I convert the address to the same format as bitcoin core ?

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    You need to tell bitcoinjs to use the testnet settings Nov 5 '19 at 22:01
  • @Raghav Sood You should turn that into an answer. Nov 6 '19 at 4:54

Raghav Sood: you are right: here the correct code:

const addresses = bitcoinjs.address.fromOutputScript(outputScript, bitcoinjs.networks.testnet);

Thanks :-)

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