I have been playing with my 10th or so fork (never released), this time it is PivX.

My mission is to test the proof-of-work segment and the proof-of-stake segment.

After completing the proof-of-work cycle up to the variable "nLastPOWBlock" found in chainparams.cpp, line: 118.

enter image description here

I attempt to find all the variables related to activating Proof-of-Stake

enter image description here

  1. Valid time = true
  2. Connections to peers = true enter image description here
  3. Wallet unlocked = true
  4. Mintable / Enough Credits = true enter image description here
  5. Masternodes synced = true

enter image description here

  1. Staking status = false

So, my question is: Are any members here familar enough with PivX to know what is needed to activate the proof-of-stake segment once PoW is over?

enter image description here

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