When I look at the following raw transaction from: https://blockstream.info/tx/a175425ee2f3c01acc97ef32ab1082db14eaa94e5af4c54f02f3b01dec72558e?expand


When I parse it manually, specifically at this section: a100000000**00cf050000**01...

a1 is the last byte of the input tx (in little endian),

00000000 is the output index (4-bytes),

and at the end the 01 is the tx_out_count.

But that would make the sequence number 00cf050000, which is longer than 4 bytes? What am I missing here?

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The sequence number is always 4 bytes, it is a fixed size, little endian, 32 bit integer which makes it always 4 bytes.

What you are missing is the scriptSig. The scriptSig always begins with the size of the script (as a compact size unsigned integer). If the scriptSig is empty, then the size must still be there to say that it is a 0 length byte. So the first byte of your "sequence" is actually the length byte for the scriptSig that says it is of length 0.


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