I've been using lightning network daemon (LND). In an effort to have a balanced node with somewhat equal amounts on both side of my channels, I've sometimes opened channels with the command lncli openchannel Xdest_nodeXX local-amt push-amt and specify push-amt to be approximately 50% of the local-amt. Over the last year or so I've opened and subsequently closed numerous channels in this way. This discussion on stackexchange indicates the funds are irretrievably send to the other node and my funds are lost! Is that true?

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Yes. Unfortunately this is true. Using push-amt means that you send over an amount to the other side wich they own. While it takes place offhand it is final in a similar way as sending Bitcoin to an address.

The only way I see to get your funds back is if you talk to the owners of the nodes you opened channels with explain them the situation and ask to get reimbursed.

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    F*!$& idiotic, particularly that there isn't better documentation to that effect. People need to be informed of this.
    – Mike
    Commented Nov 22, 2019 at 20:24

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