I have to query addresses in ElectrumX server. How do I generate scripthash for a known scriptPubKey in PHP?

Example address:

array (
  'isvalid' => true,
  'address' => '1MUz4VMYui5qY1mxUiG8BQ1Luv6tqkvaiL',
  'scriptPubKey' => '76a914e0ad60c897901128662623c500a4a6079e99cd3e88ac',
  'isscript' => false,
  'iswitness' => false,

I tried:

hash('sha256', hex2bin('76a914e0ad60c897901128662623c500a4a6079e99cd3e88ac'))

But it seems to be wrong.


I found the solution replicating https://github.com/janoside/btc-rpc-explorer/blob/master/app/api/electrumAddressApi.js

$scriptPubKey = '76a914e0ad60c897901128662623c500a4a6079e99cd3e88ac';

$addrScripthash = hash('sha256', hex2bin($scriptPubKey));
$re = '/.{2}/';
preg_match_all($re, $addrScripthash, $matches, PREG_PATTERN_ORDER, 0);
$addrScripthash = implode('', array_reverse($matches[0]));


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