Transactions with outputs whose sequence is smaller than UINT_MAX are interpreted as locked until the timestamp or block height specified in nLockTime is reached.

Specifically regarding the block height, I read imprecise or disagreeing information on whether a transaction may be included in a block of height > nLockTime or height ≥ nLockTime. Which of the two is the case?

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A transaction becomes valid when the chaintip reaches the height specified in the locktime, and may be included in any block with a height greater than nLockTime.

    if ((int64_t)tx.nLockTime < ((int64_t)tx.nLockTime < LOCKTIME_THRESHOLD ? (int64_t)nBlockHeight : nBlockTime))
    return true; 

via https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blob/v0.19.0.1/src/consensus/tx_verify.cpp#L21L22

H/T Pieter Wuille for code section and explanation.


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