How do I unlock a bitcoin-qt wallet? I know my passphrase and all. It says that my wallet is encrypted and locked for now so how do i unlock it?


To unlock your wallet:

Option 1: Introduce password in prompt that opens when you send coins

Option 2: Console (Help > Debug window > Console)

Type the following:

walletpassphrase "passphrase" timeout

Where passphrase is your password and timeout is the number of seconds you want the wallet unlocked (i.e. 120 = 2 min). This is option is the only one when you want to do something that requires unlocking but you don't want to send coins (like dumping a private key) or when you plan to leave the wallet open and fear forgetting to lock it again.

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It unlocks when you need to spend. If you try to send money to an address, it'll ask you for a password. You don't need a password to receive bitcoins.

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