For a little background, I am trying to set up a 2-of-3 multisig wallet with 2 trezors and a coldcard. I am trying to verify that my setup is correct before putting any meaningful amount of money in there, but I am finding that the master pubkeys for the trezors are not matching my expectation.

When creating a standard p2wsh wallet in electrum using a trezor, the default derivation path is m/84'/0'/0'. Immediately after choosing the script type and derivation path electrum displays the master public key. To ensure electrum is using the correct master public key I ran the following command: trezorctl get-public-node -n "m/84'/0'/0'" -t segwit. Sure enough, the master public keys displayed by electrum and trezorctl matched.

However, when trying to do the same verification when creating a multisig wallet, the xpubs do not match. Electrum defaults to the derivation path of m/48'/0'/0'/2' for native segwit multisig wallets. Running trezorctl get-public-node "m/48'/0'/0'/2'" -t segwit outputs a different master public key than what is displayed in electrum. Is this a bug in electrum or is there a reason for the discrepancy? I think that I am misunderstanding something because even though these master public keys don't match, electrum is able to sign and broadcast valid transactions using the trezor as one of the cosigners.

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