How much time would it take to brute force a seed that we know all of its words but also that is completely shuffled? I ask this because the old Trezor model asks for seed in a shuffled way but still all the words can be seen. So if a malicious software would intercept all the words, in what time could the adversary crack the key?


This depends a little bit if all words are independent. If yes the will be 24! = 620.448.401.733.239.439.360.000 permutations of the words. Assuming that you computer can check 1 billion permutations per second (which is is way too optimistic as this would assume that a signature / public key could be computed within one clock cycle which he can't) this would mean that your computer still would need 620.448.401.733.239 seconds which is 19674289 (19.6 million) years as the absolut minor / lower bound. This estimation however does not take into account technological breakthroughs in computing hardware which could very well happen in that time frame (:

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