Would like to transfer my btc qt wallet to electrum but having difficulties.

My node is currently syncing

Tried emptying out receiving addresses and was successful but there are still more coins in my btc qt wallet.

I would like to dump my whole wallet into electrum but am having trouble with the debug console.

Is it because I'm still syncing? Is it because there is a pending/unconfirmed transaction too?

Ant insight would be appreciated.

When I try to dumpwallet in console red letters pop up that say:

"Dumpwallet "filename"

This doesn't allow over writing existing files. Imported scripts are included in dump file, but corresponding BIP173 addresses, etc. may not be added automatically by import wallet. Note that if your wallet contains keys which are not derived from your HD seed these are not covered by only backing up the seed itself, and must be backed up too.

Arguments: 1.filename (string) the filename with full absolute path


Bitcoin-cki dumpwallet "test" Curl--user my username--data binary (Code-1)"

  • What trouble are you having? Please be more specific. – Andrew Chow Jan 7 at 17:24

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