When trying:

bitcoin-cli getdescriptorinfo "wsh(sortedmulti(2,tpubDFck48zH8ZzteKKZCR9WMVBJwHZayhQmtCDyDRzHsU7VMTwEXohD23h1CBiizKtFtWck2fVegNDRM193nGx3VLs1RTSGNc1iePKpc1JvsS6/*,tpubDEfXroYtWB6rQ1vNuCUAErUJtxSQ6bjxtz63rWWRaByADcudNFtV6HZz5PM7yeXQLG4GWmrdcRkMEGgdXWWu5TyuRpMXURCiwJoGQYH743f/*,tpubDFSz52YB4yCdbgKeLB5BcJfW1f1AzmLcdzB3nGz6Yft2MVHy2rj4uXBFT8d3maYS4rCxjJdBfExJAM9JCjWmYzkJyaLP4Rk8nALDUSfWbT8/*))"

I get:

error code: -5
error message:
A function is needed within P2WSH

What am I doing wrong?

  • This call works fine for me. What version of the code are you using? sortedmulti is not in 0.19, only in master (and will be in 0.20). Jan 15, 2020 at 16:24
  • ahh ok, will update
    – Fontaine
    Jan 16, 2020 at 18:34


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