I am working on a research in bitcoin blockchain where I am making some changes in conventional transaction structure of bitcoin blockchain. Due to this, it helps to increase the transaction throughput of bitcoin blockchain (Thing I want to claim through my research). Or one can think of an identical PoW blockchain to bitcoin, with some changes in its policies and structure. I am already working on a simulator called btcd. It is a full node implementation of bitcoin blockchain. I was wondering how can I prove using btcd that transaction throughput have been increased through my research. Other possible simulator names with suitable abstraction level will be helpful. And if there is any mathematical way to prove throughput increment in bitcoin blockchain, then also it will be of great help. I just need a direction to prove my claim. Thanks for your valuable time to read this.

FYI: By increased transaction throughput, I simply mean with the same policies as of bitcoin blockchain(like blocksize, block creation rate, difficulty, etc..), I just want to prove that average transaction count included per block can be increased.

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