As it has been discussed before, it is very inneficient to find which transaction has spent a transaction output using bitcoin core alone. I found a way of doing it with an electrumx server running on top of bitcoin core generally under 1 second for an arbitrary output. I explain my method below:

  • Find the address (or ScriptPubKey) of the output in question and at which height the output has been confirmed - for example, for the second output of 443e9b7fd1ede11570daefc5b10d35e4179b8237789046dfb93dec9148ecb81a it would be 1FkY6Gdhi9gCVQWWaSqDnxbpxgiBXUhasx and height 452100.
  • Query electrumx for the address/scriptPubKey
electrumx_rpc query 1FkY6Gdhi9gCVQWWaSqDnxbpxgiBXUhasx
Address: 1FkY6Gdhi9gCVQWWaSqDnxbpxgiBXUhasx
History #0: height 452,100 tx_hash 443e9b7fd1ede11570daefc5b10d35e4179b8237789046dfb93dec9148ecb81a
History #1: height 452,100 tx_hash 9fe1566b53d5b20e2a97a397ba874d0b8cac2f3f4c9fc28e1594758607bf196e
History #2: height 475,195 tx_hash c472dae735bf2c1c430dbbbeb8f77a907f0caf78d125693cd667e313d66ad1b5
History #3: height 478,291 tx_hash a873cf2c628c5d116f5e2f4759fd02ddf5cca3eb786249bc5967655a05785573
No UTXOs found
Balance: 0 BTC
  • If the txid of the original output appears in the UTXO section of the previous results, it hasn't been spent - in this case 443e9b7fd1ede11570daefc5b10d35e4179b8237789046dfb93dec9148ecb81a is not there, "No UTXOs found"

  • If there are no UTXOs (balance = 0) and there are only two transactions in the history, the other transaction has spent it - not the case here.

  • In the remaining cases, loop through all the historical transactions starting at the height of the output and search for the txid&index that identify the output until found - in this example, run bitcoin-cli getrawtransaction $historicalTx | grep 1ab8ec4891ec3db9df46907837829b17e4350db1c5efda7015e1edd17f9b3e4400000001

It's a pity that electrum doesn't allow to query txids or outputs.

My question is: is there a more efficient way of doing this with any open-source software?

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