I've been using a command line tool to fetch spendables from a Bitcoin address. Given an address the following command (source) ouptuts UTXOs the address can spend.

tx -i 1A3cbxFC4zrfgxEb6GhAe97m2rSEyvUetp > 4db2ddb59e0cd123d8d0715da9dddbe6b2697c5a1d83163cc049dcc152d1f7ed/0/76a9146337aefd82e6c1f83ab505b78c3bcc413b49364088ac/1061/0/0/0

The format is address/utxo index/script hash/... However I do not know what the last 4 elements mean, I'm guessing amount, but don't know what the 3 zeros that come afterwards mean - any help appreciated.

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As per the source, the parts of that output are:


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