I am running bitcoind after previously running bitcoin-qt. I made a wallet with bitcoin-qt (and encrypted it) and I would like to open it now with bitcoind. The folder that contains the wallet.dat file is in the data directory, but when I run either of the following:

bitcoin-cli listwallets
bitcoin-cli getwalletinfo

it does not show my wallet. I have tried:

bitcoind -wallet="directory with wallet.data file"

and still no luck, it just tried to rund bitcoind and says it is already running (not sure why, I am running bitcoind -daemon).

Any idea how I can import this wallet?

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    Have you tried bitcoin-cli loadwallet <wallet name> where <wallet name> is the name of your wallet (i.e. the name of the directory containing the wallet.dat file)?
    – Ava Chow
    Feb 21, 2020 at 19:44

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Run RPC listwallets and check if your account is listed.

If not, run loadwallet with only account name:

(assuming directory on disk: /home/user/.bitcoin/wallets/accountname/wallet.dat)

Command: loadwallet accountname


you must describe you bitcoin.conf , default was home folder user .bitcoin

here i have some example BSV script for change defaut values such location wallet data block and etc.

example script manage blockchain

you can check in bsv folder there was running custom script and example config .

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