For the private key KwaZRh42fdQD4iUN6sy2GtEC5gfSAYXrQgp16KPV4Pxsspi5ChRb, I have the following addresses:

  • 1N7jKvQ1fHezb61eNsGEaF4gcj5sQXhb2m (P2PKH)
  • 14MNoFYWheu7sLkj8urvXCpYEdCuL4m2PH (P2PKH)
  • 3G4BoJsFB6N3Eejtovr8PUnvz4LRDhWmxk (P2SH)
  • bc1qu7s8s2ga69a9068s85e9vpxh7uvneet292wa5n (P2WPKH)
  • bc1qxr7lhfgnynvw7dk3e0asw2hsxhdvp4cgp7u0z09stm26gaxqn6zqd9muau (P2WSH)

I am looking for a utility (like the ku utility from https://github.com/richardkiss/pycoin) which can generate all these address given the private key (the ku does not generate the P2WSH address). The utility I am searching for can be in C, C++, Go or Python.


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